How To Play NineFind or Kyudoku

NineFind, sometimes called Kyudoku, is an easy-to-learn logic game on a 6x6 grid. Each puzzle starts filled in with numbers and it's your job to remove the incorrect numbers and find the nine correct numbers. Use the few simple rules and basic addition to help eliminate numbers that cannot possibly fit in the puzzle. Each puzzle can be solved using just logic, you will never need to guess.

Question: How do you play Ninefind or Kyudoku?

Answer: Find the nine correct numbers, by crossing out or filling in all incorrect cells along the way. The correct cells will contain the numbers 1-9 once each and will be arranged such that every row and column adds up to nine or less.

Shade Incorrect Cells

When you determine that a specific square, or cell, cannot possibly be correct, color in that cell to indicate that it’s incorrect. On the website, just click or tap that cell. You can draw an X across the cell, shade it in completely, or scribble over the number. A completed NineFind will have the nine correct numbers indicated in some way, but feel free to add your own creative twist!

Each number may only appear once.

Sometimes a number will be given to you at the start of the puzzle, which will be indicated by a circle. Because you know this number is correct, you can eliminate any other squares with that same number in them.

All rows and columns will add up to nine or less.

If you identify one of the nine correct numbers, whether it’s indicated initially or discovered later on, you can cross out all numbers in the same row and column that would cause the row/column to add up to more than nine.

Counting will be your best tool.

At any point, if there is a number that appears only once on the board, you know that it must be correct. Circle it and eliminate any cells that would cause a column or row to add up to more than nine.

Use logic and reason to eliminate squares.

Look for numbers where all potential locations cause conflicts or where numbers depend on each other. Even without knowing the correct cell, you may be able to eliminate incorrect cells. If you know that 7 & 8 are both located in the same two rows, you might not know which one is correct, but it's enough to know that both of those rows will have at least a 7 in it.

Example of A Completed NineFind

A completed puzzle will have each number 1-9 circled once, with no other numbers remaining. The EASY example below shows the beginning and ending state of a puzzle.

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